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About Me

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About This Site

My name is Kevin Healey. I am a husband, father, laboratory plant tissue culture technician, forager, writer, amateur research ethnobotanist, and— quite possibly—the very weirdo who told you about his site: this site.

So allow me to allay a concern you probably brought up during our conversation: I TOLD you; this site has nothing to do with me pulling anyones pants up or down.

My pants are up. Your pants are up (hopefully). So, since this website is a big part of who I am, let me tell you a little about it first.

About this Site

This Patreon-supported website is dedicated to strange and unusual plants because I, myself, am… totally fascinated with phyto-oddballs and the subject of ethnobotany (the study of how plants have been used by humankind).

This site covers fruit that explode, flowers that make your tongue feel like it’s being electrocuted, herbs used by Achilles, ten-pound sweet-potatoes, wild-and-free gogi berries, and many other types of oddballs and freakazoids that amaze and astound even the casual plant lover. Some are from exotic far-away lands, and others are hiding in your own back yard.


I earned a bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in chemistry with honors from Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado in May of 2018 as member of the beta-beta-beta biological honors society (Go Thunderwolves!). 

I graduated magna-cum-laude with an associates in art with a focus on literature and creative writing from Pueblo Community College in 2015 (go Panthers).


Currently, I am happily employed in the biotechnology field as a laboratory tissue culture technician in Portland, Oregon. I love my company, I love the people, and I love the work.

This website would be impossible to maintain without my wonderful Patrons. If you would like to support this website for as little as $5 a month, please visit www.patreon.com/pullupyourplants