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Dr. Sallette Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a practicing psychologist residing in Southern Colorado and a lover of weird plants. I would like to thank her for her generous support by removing my literary hat and bowing in her assumed direction. Dr. Thompson has received an earnest letter of gratitude, stickers in the mail, and a thunderous/electronic high-five. Thank you!


David Clair

David Claire, who is pictured dressed up as Brad Pitt here, is one of the most brilliant people I know. He is a master's student in chemistry and has a knack for explaining abstract concepts in both chemistry and mathematics using a freaking guitar. A GUITAR!!! David has received a heart-felt note, seeds, stickers, and a hydroponic basil plant that he is tending to with the tenderness of a devoted mother.


Charles Miksciek

An expert in the fields I most admire, Mr. Miksciek is a retired archaeobotanist and ethnobotanist residing in St. Louis, Missouri. I encourage you to peruse his titanic list of accomplishments and published work at by following this: link. When you are done perusing, you may hide your resume under the bed for fear of Charlie seeing it. I just did.

Thank you, Mr. Miksciek!


These articles take many hours of research to produce. I scour the record for information that has not seen the light of day for tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. This is my passion: researching traditionally edible and medicinal plants, traveling to find them, writing about them, using them, taking pictures of them, and sharing the results. This website is my dream job.

It may do the world good to remember that there are food plants other than the monocrops of the Industrial Age. Many of these plants thrive in extreme conditions and many of them are already in your back yard. With your support, the pace of this research will intensify, the scope of this site will expand, and new discoveries can be made and shared with the world. 

If you wish to become a patron or want to donate to this work, follow the red button at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for your consideration,

Kevin Healey