High five for anyone who can tell me what book I am posing with.

High five for anyone who can tell me what book I am posing with.

About Me

My name is Kevin Healey. I am a husband, father, laboratory goon, and the author behind Pullupyourplants.com: a site that explores the ethnobotany of foraged food and peculiar produce.

Some people are fortunate enough to feel a true calling to do good work. I am also very fortunate; I feel a calling to research, discover, and preserve the stories of the human plant relationship.

These articles, take many hours of research to produce. I scour the record for information that has not been widely discussed for tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. This is my passion: researching traditionally edible and medicinal plants, traveling to find them, writing about them, using them, taking pictures of them, and sharing the results. Welcome to my dream job!

It may do the world good to remember that there are food plants other than the monocrops of the Industrial Age. Many of these plants thrive in extreme conditions and many of them are already in your back yard. With your support, the pace of this writing and research will intensify, more videos will be produced, the scope of this site will expand, and new (re)discoveries can be shared with the world.

Iā€™m not a business person. I am not interested in selling products or tinctures. I just want to continue writing on this subject until my doctor sincerely regrets to inform me of something. Hopefully you find something of value in this!

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I earned a bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in chemistry with honors from Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado in May of 2018 as member of the beta-beta-beta biological honors society (Go Thunderwolves!). 

I graduated magna-cum-laude with an associates in art with a focus on literature and creative writing from Pueblo Community College in 2015 (Go Panthers!).

This website would be impossible to maintain without my wonderful Patrons. If you would like to support this website for as little as $5 a month, please visit www.patreon.com/pullupyourplants